Compare Crunch Versions

Crunch 1 (Old Version)
Adobe AIR app for Windows & Mac
Add Projects
Open and edit .less, .css
Crunch Less-to-CSS
View compile errors
Crunch 1.x Website
Crunch 2!
Native app for Windows, Mac, and Linux
Add Projects
Limited to editing .less, .css, and .js
Crunch Less-to-CSS
Link from a compile error to the file and line of the error error.
Crunchable View
Watch files in project
Folder searching!
Crunchable searching!
Team Support
Crunch on Save (for @imports too!)
Crunch 2 Pro!
Native app for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Pay with CC or Bitcoin!
All Features of Free Version +
Unlimited code coloring and editing support for 100+ file formats
Autocompleter support for multiple languages
Crunch Sass-to-CSS
Crunch Stylus-to-CSS
Crunch CoffeeScript-to-JS
Crunch LiveScript-to-JS
Crunch Jade-to-HTML
Crunch Markdown-to-HTML
**Coming soon: Babel / ES6, PostCSS, TypeScript, and more...**