How to use Crunch 2:

1. Choose your favorite language.
2. Okay, you're done.

If you like writing Less instead of CSS, you shouldn’t have to run scripts in your terminal like this is 1992, or install apps that do nothing except babysit your style files.

Crunch lets you write Less, Sass, CoffeeScript, Markdown*, and then automatically saves CSS, JavaScript, and HTML after you’ve made changes. Want to write just plain CSS? XML? Haskell? MUSHCode? Crunch lets you do that too.

Crunch 2 is an editor that lets you do what you want. Because Crunch loves you.

Command Lines are OVER

Forget Grunt. Forget Gulp. Just write what you like, and save what you need.

Free for Less

Not less stuff, dummy; we mean Less, the CSS preprocessing language. Crunch 1 compiles Less for free, and so does Crunch 2.

Crunchable Views

See all the @imports for your Less or Stylus project, and nothing else. Until you want to.

Watch For Changes

Even if you don’t have a file open, Crunch will watch your files and re-compile when needed. How? Magic.

Peek at your History

New in Crunch 2: get a running log of Crunch history. (Ha, I just pictured a running log.)

Fix Errors Faster

If there’s an error while Crunching a file, you can jump instantly to that line of the file. Pretty much Crunch takes the crown here.

Better For Teams

Crunch 2 saves settings in your project, so that compiling won’t create code conflicts. And no one likes conflict.

Lightning Fast

Crunch 2 is a complete re-write from Crunch 1. We have killed Adobe AIR, and on its corpse we installed a revved-up Chromium V8 engine.

* Just FYI, compiling stuff besides Less requires Crunch 2 Pro. So you’re probably going to want that.


Matthew Dean
Creator of Crunch, Coder of Lines

It was foretold that Crunch would be created, in the ancient Viking texts. But it was not until the magical amulet touched the hand of Matthew Dean—Master of the Cascade, Lord of the Scripts of Java that Are Not Java—that the knowledge of Crunch was revealed.

However, Crunch 2 was just something that happened after that. No idea how that happened.


Michael Norton
UI Designer

When Michael isn’t busy shipping off beautiful PSDs to Matthew, he spends his days as a pretty decent HTML5 developer.


Andrew Matecha - UX Developer

This is Andrew.


Nir Azuelos - Developer

Nir helped keep Crunch 1 alive, which is one of the reasons we got to Crunch 2! Nir is from somewhere other than ‘Merica.


Matt Kump - Designer

Matt Kump designed the interface for Crunch 1. Now he works at Slack designing things for Stew Butts. This is an artist’s representation of his face.


Brandon Labbe - Designer

Brandon gave design feedback on the Crunch 2 UI and designed a few things for Crunch that we haven’t had time to use yet. Brandon is on the right.